Fox’s Is One Of Our Favorite Places!

We love to eat up at Fox’s!

foxs nubble light

foxs nubble light

It’s amazing that my twin brothers and my Mom love the place as much as I do.  Love it when we all agree!

The view is awesome.  I never, ever get tired of the view from up at the Nubble Light!

The people that work at Fox’s are awesome too.  They all work hard to make sure you have what you need to enjoy your meal !  It makes me happy that they remember my Mom from year to year!  : )

foxs menu

foxs menu

The food at Fox’s is excellent.  That’s another reason why we continue to return!

The chowder is some of the best I’ve had!  The cups are just the right size and the bowls are huge!!!

foxs chowder

foxs chowder

The twins and my Mom love the steamers and usually get the order for two to share!

rob enjoying foxs steamers

rob enjoying foxs steamers

The twins usually get either the fried scallops, fried clams or half and half whenever they feel like mixing it up.  The portion sizes are super generous!

My Mom likes to mix it up.  She’ll try the lobster mac and cheese, lobster roll, baked haddock or lobster salad!  I’m sure she’ll try something different when we go back!

Mom's fox's lobster salad

Mom’s fox’s lobster salad

What about me???!  What do I have?!  LOBSTER.  Boiled lobster or lazy man’s lobster! Lobster twice a day?!  No problem!

keg fox's lobster

keg fox’s lobster



Splash zone for the brothers……check!

When I don’t want to be messy….. lazy man’s style!  YUM!

foxs lazy man lobster

foxs lazy man lobster

Always excellent service and yummmmy meals!!!

We’ve had dessert here too.  No pictures, maybe next time!  Mom loves the blueberry pie and the banana cream pie!  The ice cream is VERY good!!!

Already looking forward to our next visit hopefully in the fall!

: )

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