Bad U2 Dream

U2 must really, really be on my mind lately!

Thursday night I had a bad U2 dream.

It was so real, that when I woke up I was upset that I missed a concert!

U2 were playing at the Minnesota State Fair! (What??!)

But, the entire area where they were playing had a huge fence around it and I couldn’t find a way into the show.  Arggggggggggggh!

I could hear ‘I Will Follow’ but I couldn’t get into the concert.

Next thing I know I’m watching the show on a roof up in the sky with Gisele and Mrs Wilfork!  Yes, I am friends with wives of Patriots in my dream.

The view was high up like this, so we couldn’t hear and could barely see.

Dear U2, please get back on track with your new album and tour so I can stop having bad dreams!

U2 Claw and trucks from CN Tower

U2 Claw and trucks from CN Tower

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2 Responses to Bad U2 Dream

  1. jaelach says:

    That’s hilarious. A while ago I had a dream that I was in jail (and this is way before I started watching Orange is the New Black!) and U2 was doing a concert there. But I was put in solitary and I couldn’t go, so I was just listening at the door. Torture! haha

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