Where Is Your iPhone?

At different parts of the day my phone has different roles.

During the day when I’m at work, it’s a quick check to see what news of the world I may be missing. On breaks I’m definitely checking out Instagram. It’s still addictive!

Once I’m home though, my phone is in my room. It’s not with me when I’m having supper, out on the patio, reading or watching tv.

While I’m sleeping it’s charging next to me on silent.

Yes, I’m that person that still  “checks in” and takes photos for FB and instagram at dinner times.

It’s hard to unplug. Right before going to bed at night, I know the phone should be off limits, but I find myself peeking right up to the last minute.

What could be so important that I can’t look at it in the morning?! Nothing!!!!

I need to work on disconnecting!

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