Online Scrapbook Shopping

Back in 2001/2002 when I started scrapbooking there was only one website that I visited daily.  Two Peas.

They had an amazing creative team, and online store,  a gallery full of inspiration, an online forum where you could talk to other scrappers about anything and everything.

Then I started taking classes at a local scrapbook store and spent less time on that site.

The local store has been closed for years now and I’m scrapping many years of Christmas!  Once the season has passed the local craft stores really don’t have that many choices available so I returned to an old favorite to do a little shopping.

So much has changed.  I don’t recognize many of the brands of items that they sell now, but their selection is still great!

Can’t wait for my box of Christmas goodies to arrive.  : )

Online scrap shopping

Online scrap shopping

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4 Responses to Online Scrapbook Shopping

  1. Jane says:

    They used to have some great tutorials as well

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